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Swimming is taken seriously at K.P.S as it is a life skill. We are fortunate enough to have a private swimming coach assist our teachers with their Physical Education lessons in the lower grades. The personal attention grows the ability of our swimmers so that when they reach Grade Three they are ready and confident to try out for our school team. 


The school team has worked hard, in the mornings and afternoons, to once again maintain our place in the A league. This is an excellent achievement for our little school. Swimming not only focuses onswimming 1web bettering one’s own performance but demands that our children encourage and congratulate their fellow teammates too. Sportsmanship is a key principle at K.P.S. Each age group has their own coach who monitors the performance of our children and is involved in their growth on an individual basis.  

Swimmers that are not competitive have an opportunity to join our non-team swimming lessons in order to grow their skills and become stronger and fitter in the water. 

As Natalie du Toit says, “You have to work hard for what you want to achieve and you have to set goals and dreams and really go for them.”

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