Remote Learning

Soccer 1

His team didn't win today,

but still it was all right,

for little "Johnny" did his best

and put up quite a fight.

He missed the pass, yet tackled hard,

the team fell to defeat,

Yet little "Johnny" smiled his smile

his little body beat...

Mother proud - naturally!

Thinking "Oh, this terrific kid of mine"

as he ran into his Dad's arms,

he heard, "Better luck next time!"

"Danny didn't fair so well,

as he walked into the crowd

his parents' words were harsh

their voices cruel and loud.

"You missed that pass! Where was your head?"

they said with a frown,

With saddened eyes, "Danny" looked up at them.

"I'm sorry I let you down."

How sad it is to realize

there are those who still can't understand

that a kid is just a kid

and a game is just a game.

So, Mom and Dad, please remember
in all you say and do,
That little child is listening
and needs support from you!

Soccer 2