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"With wings on their heels and hope in their hearts" (Chariots of Fire) our athletes took on the season.

Scene-from-ChariotsDIFFThey hauled themselves out of bed before dawn to get ready for their early morning training. Their fingers and noses froze as they ran on the frosty field. The Cross-Country team took their fitness activities seriously and worked hard to improve their endurance. Their rapid breathing caused the air to condense as they cooled down from their hill training sessions. Hot chocolate awaited them. A days rest and they did it all over again. Friday afternoon training included a wide variety of activities and games for our dedicated athletes.
Meetings were exciting and our children gave their best.

At the Annual Prestige Meeting our team was awarded 4th out of 14 schools. We most certainly held our own against the much larger schools. Determination, drive and sportsmanship were once again the focus of the afternoon. The athletes of K.P.S are ambassadors for our school and undeniably make us proud.