Remote Learning

Subject and Specialist Teachers

The exciting development of the appointment of Teachers in Charge (TICs) of subjects was initiated in January 2013. The motivation behind these appointments was to acknowledge specialists in the various subject disciplines and who would be able to champion the respective subjects. TICs of subjects, support subject teachers by informing them on developing trends in methodologies, sourcing the latest resources and assisting with the managing of subject budgets.

Please feel free to contact any of the subject TICs if you have any subject-specific queries.

The Teachers in Charge of Subjects that were appointed were:

  • English - Mrs D Mckee 
  • Afrikaans - Mr C van Staden
  • isiZulu - Mrs P Mantu
  • Mathematics - Mrs W Huiskamp
  • Natural Sciences - Mrs K Prevett
  • Social Science - Mrs T Versfeld
  • ICT - Patrick Thorp