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Academics at Kyalami Preparatory School

Introduction to Academics in the Senior Preparatory Phase

True to Kyalami Preparatory’s motto of Spread Your Wings’, we strive at all times to encourage our pupils to reach their full potential in what we hope is a relevant education programme in global terms. Our focus is on guiding our pupils to acquire life-long skills in preparation for a rapidly changing world with uncertain future requirements. Information and content are the vehicles through which we strive to achieve this.

As our pupils enter the Senior Preparatory Phase in Grade Four they encounter a more formalised educational environment. This more formal approach assists in creating a healthy work ethic in our pupils. We hope to encourage a life-long curiosity in our pupils for the world around them and a passion for life-long learning.



Subjects Offered in the Senior Preparatory Phase 


✓ The educational delivery in the Senior Preparatory Phase is informed and guided by the national C.A.P.S. document.

 ✓ Our medium of instruction is English. We also expose our pupils to two of the official languages of South Africa; Afrikaans and isiZulu. This exposure is in the interests of nation-building. As we are only required to offer one additional language, we do require pupils to choose between these two languages at the start of their Grade Seven year. This is in order to increase their contact time in their chosen language in preparation for increased additional-language demands in High School.


Afrikaans2 Afrikaans4

 ✓ In the science disciplines, we offer Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Our mathematics focus is not only on getting our pupils to have a healthy grasp of the required skills but also to expose them to problems which will assist them to hone their mathematical logic. The areas of physical science and biology are covered in the Natural Sciences programme.

 ✓ The disciplines of History and Geography are taught under the umbrella of Social Science in the Senior Preparatory Phase. Pupils are encouraged to develop various related skills in this subject through appropriate themes, which are integrated when possible.

 ✓ Kyalami Prep embraces the Google Classroom as its primary digital ICT tool for collaboration.  We have a strong Information, Communication & Technology and Design & Technology focus in the Senior Preparatory Phase. I.C.T. periods are used to integrate I.C.T. skills in the English, Mathematics and Social Science learning programmes. Our pupils are afforded the opportunity to explore various technical systems and processes in our Design and Technology learning programme.D

 ✓ Our Arts and Culture learning programme is used to develop our pupils’ inner, creative self through the Visual Arts and music. Pupils are exposed to various genres in both these programmes.

 ✓ The Life Orientation programme includes Life Skills lessons and Physical Education. Pupils get to discuss social and personal issues in Life Skills. Our Physical Education programme focuses on the learning of basic skills required for the various sports on offer at our school.

 ✓ The Grade Seven pupils participate in an Economic Management Science learning programme. This programme aims to expose our pupils to fundamental economic principles and gives them an opportunity to apply these principles in an annual Market Day. This learning programme is also guided by the national C.A.P.S. Document.

 In Conclusion

We are a happy school, committed to positive, educational experiences in the interests of productive, educational rigour. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the teachers, subject heads (TICs) or myself should you have any education queries.