17 - 20 July 2019 - Kyalami Corner

Please join us to celebrate our youth's art in celebration of Mandela Day.

This Mandela Day, Kyalami Corner will transform into an art gallery for our school children to display their creativity. Bring your friends and family and engage with inspired pieces created by our youth.

Kyalami Prep Newsletter 7 - 2019

Raising a Child with Integrity

I had the honour of running the assembly last Friday during which our Grade Seven children spoke about one of our Core Values, that of integrity. I reflected about this value over the weekend and pondered on how we can teach our children to become people of integrity.

We live in a fast paced, harsh world where integrity often takes a back seat - where “the end justifies the means”. Our news headlines are full of examples of dishonesty, the cricket season reminds us of the sad “sandpaper saga”, social media provides a platform for people to make unkind comments in a rather public arena.

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