Kyalami Prep Newsletter 6 - 2019

The second term is well underway; reports have been perused, discussed and comments from Parents’ Interviews shared with your children. No doubt many students with or without the help of their parents will have set new goals based on these different discussions; for this term and possibly for the remainder of the year.

While goal setting is a valuable life skill, many students require the input of an adult. This input will reduce as the student moves onto the higher grades. The duty of the adult is to guide the child during this important process. It is vital that as adults we assess our expectations of our children to prevent undue anxiety in them.

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Kyalami Prep Newsletter 5 - 2019

A warm welcome back to school. We have been blessed with beautiful autumn weather. With the voting all completed we can focus on the term ahead.

It is wonderful to observe the children’s enthusiasm with the change in the sports season and how they have embraced the start of the soccer and netball. The choir is fully engaged in their preparation for the Choir Festivals this term. The additional weekly practice session is paying dividends and this was apparent in their assembly appearances at the end of last term.

The focus this term will be on one of our core values, namely integrity. Teachers will place emphasis on helping our children to make choices in their school day, based on the fact, that it is the right thing to do – even when nobody is looking. Integrity goes a long way in establishing trust and long lasting relationships with their peers.

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