Remote Learning

KPNS - Vision and values

The Kyalami Group of Schools is ‘A community of schools developing global achievers’.

Our schools will strive to achieve our vision through the following:

  • Maximising each child’s potential.
  • Making our subject matter relevant to the real world.
  • Adopting and encouraging a holistic approach to the development of each child.
  • Fostering creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Creating global awareness.

CONSISTENCY - Continual alignment of efforts toward an agreed common purpose.
ACCOUNTABILITY - Accepting wholehearted responsibility for that with which we have been entrusted and over that which we have control (guardianship).
INTEGRITY - Upholding our values whatever the circumstances.
EXCELLENCE - Maximising the fulfillment of each pupil’s academic/sporting/ cultural/spiritual and emotional potential by offering outstanding opportunity for growth and development.
RESPECT - Having high regard for oneself and others and aligning one’s actions to accord.

Open door policy

As your child is our main concern, we have an Open Door Policy in order to keep the doors of communication open at all times.

We also use a variety of means of communication:

  • Whatsapp Broadcast group
  • Bi-weekly Newsletters
  • Emails
  • SMS