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KPNS - Daily programme

We believe that true education is not the mere learning of specific knowledge and skills, it is the development of children’s learning abilities – that is their capability to think creatively, plan and implement their plans and communicate their understanding in a variety of ways. That is what we at KPNS would like to instill within our Pre-Prep children – the ability to problem solve successfully on a social, emotional and academic level.

With this in mind, our daily programme for each grade includes the following:

Grade 000 Programme

  • Our 3 (turning 4) year olds enjoy a structured day in a small group, with plenty of stimulation, playing musical instruments, singing, listening to stories, painting, climbing, and sand and water play.
  • Clamber Club is included in their weekly programme as well as music, Djembe drumming and library lesson.
  • A vital part of their indoor time is the ‘skills’ lesson where fine-motor skills, crossing the midline, body image and perceptual skills are developed and practiced.
  • Our daily ring-lessons include drama-rings, discussion-rings, creative storytelling-rings, Literacy and Numeracy Rings.

 KPNS Daily Programme Grade 000

Grade 00 Programme

  • Our 4 (turning 5) year olds enjoy the structure of a slightly more formal morning, where theme-based lessons such as drama, discussion and creative storytelling take on a more in-depth life skill lesson.
  • Numeracy, Literacy and Perceptual skills are included in their daily ‘Skills’ lesson, as well as fine motor skills, body image and core muscle tone.
  • Playball, Music, Djembe drumming and Library lessons all form part of their weekly programme.
  • Our daily ring-lessons include drama-rings, discussion-rings, creative storytelling rings, Literacy and Numeracy Rings.

KPNS Daily Programme Grade 00

Grade 0

  • When the children enter Grade 0, they are exposed to the ‘School Readiness’ Programme. This programme involves four activities weekly, which the children do on a rotational basis.
  • The activities include Numeracy, Literacy (Letterland), and Visual and Auditory perceptual activities weekly.
  • The Grade 0’s are walked down to the Preparatory School for their weekly Computer lesson, as well as a PE lesson which includes Swimming (seasonal).
  • Tuck is a fundamental part of their week, and this is where they learn to handle money and learn its value.
  • Their daily ring lessons include Library, Music, Djembe drumming, drama, discussions and creative storytelling-rings, which are all based on our weekly themes.
  • They also attend Afrikaans and Zulu lessons each week. These lessons are approximately 20 minutes long.

KPNS Daily Programme Grade 0