Remote Learning

KPNS - Playtime

A fundamental part of the KPNS programme entails ‘Learning through Play’. Various safe, imaginative indoor and outdoor PLAY AREAS have been created in addition to the permanent structures on the playground:

Fantasy Area:

Our Fantasy Area is equipped with a variety of dress-up clothes and items used in everyday life, allowing the children to develop their imagination. When your child engages in pretend play, he/she is actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. A firm favourite in this area is our mud garden, where many chocolate mud cakes are baked!

KPNS Playtime fantasy

Construction Area:

Our Construction Area allows children to play and manipulate a variety of construction materials. They use these to build towers with blocks; construct objects with miscellaneous loose parts; play in the sand - to name a few. Activities such as these are vitally important in developing perceptual skills, including spatial awareness.

KPNS Playtime construction area

Creative Area:

The Creative Area allows for children to express themselves through art. A variety of materials are provided for the children on a daily basis to incorporate in their creations.

With these areas all ‘open’ during free playtime, we allow interaction, discovery and play. The children are encouraged to develop their individual strengths and learn social skills, within a structured, yet informal environment.

KPNS Playtime creative area


The children will be given a snack at 09h30, consisting of a brown bread sandwich, seasonal fruit and water, and are offered again at 12h00 to keep their tummies full. Occasionally as a snack treat the following is given: popcorn; juice; tea; ice lollies; hot chocolate.