Kyalami Preparatory Nursery School (KPNS)

It is often said that the true path to success is never simple, and one can see the “fruits” of our labour in our magnificent Nursery School. A building is merely a shell without being inhabited by children. Kyalami Preparatory Nursery School (KPNS) is a building filled with colour, delight, and is a place of welcome and wonder.

The origins and planning of Kyalami Preparatory Nursery School can be traced as far back as 2002.  We waited for the perfect opportunity to build and open our school and in 2015, began work on the project. Building built, filled and beautified, it is now fully functional with us having welcomed our first intake of children in January 2016.

A labour of incredible love, we promise a school where 5 important aspects are emphasized;

  • CHARACTER – In the children are both identified, valued and nurtured.
  • COMMITMENT – Of the staff to develop the individual strengths of each child, as well as to nurture their need to be accepted and loved.
  • COURAGE – To make wise decisions based on best practice and what is best for the child.
  • CONFIDENCE – To entrust the educational moulding of the future generation in our qualified and capable hands.
  • COMMUNICATION – To maintain open and honest conversations with all relevant stakeholders.

Our Curriculum consists of a combination of Thematical lessons inspired by the Lev Vygostsky Programme - The Key to Learning.  Vygotsky believed that true education is not the mere learning of specific knowledge and skills, it is the development of children's learning abilities -  that is, their capacity to think clearly and creatively, plan and implement their plans, and communicate their understanding in a variety of ways.  That is what we at KPNS would like to instil within our Pre-Prep children - the ability to problem solve successfully on a social, emotional and academic level.

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A fundamental part of the KPNS programme entails “Learning through Play”. Various safe, imaginative indoor and outdoor play areas have been created:

‘Fantasy Area’            ‘Construction Area’               ‘Puzzle Area’               ‘Creative Area’

With these areas all ‘open’ during free play time, we allow interaction, discovery, and play. The children are encouraged to develop their individual strengths and learn social skills,                        within a structured, yet informal environment.

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 Daily Programmes

 Grade 000 Programme

  • Our 3 turning 4-year-olds enjoy a structured day in a small group, with plenty of stimulation, playing musical instruments, singing, listening to stories, painting, climbing and sand and water play.
  • Clamber Club is included in their weekly programme as well as a music and library lesson.
  • A vital part of their indoor time is the ‘skills’ lesson where fine-motor skills, crossing the midline, body image and perceptual skills are developed and practised.
  • Our daily ring-lessons include drama-rings, discussion-rings, creative storytelling-rings, Literacy and Numeracy Rings, which are all based on our weekly themes and Lev Vygotsky Curriculum.

 Grade 00 Programme

  • Our 4 turning 5-year-olds enjoy the structure of a slightly more formal morning, where theme-based lessons such as drama, discussion, and creative storytelling take on a more in-depth life skill lesson.
  • Numeracy, Literacy and Perceptual skills are included in their daily ‘Skills’ lesson, as well as fine motor skills, body image, and core muscle tone.
  • Playball, Music and Library lessons all form part of their weekly programme.
  • Our daily ring-lessons include drama-rings, discussion-rings, creative storytelling rings, Literacy and Numeracy Rings, which are all based on our weekly themes and Lev Vygotsky Curriculum.

 Grade 0

  • When the children enter Grade 0, they are exposed to the ‘School Readiness’ Programme. This programme involves four activities weekly, which the children do on a rotational basis. The activities include Numeracy, Literacy (Letterland), Visual and Auditory perceptual activities weekly.
  • The Grade 0’s are walked down to the Preparatory School for their weekly Computer lesson, as well as, a PE lesson which includes Swimming (seasonal).
  • Tuck is a fundamental part of their week, and this is where they learn to handle money and learn its value.
  • Their daily ring lessons include Library, Music, drama, discussions and creative storytelling-rings, which are all based on our weekly themes as well as the Lev Vygotsky Curriculum.

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It is compulsory for all children to wear only the correct KPNS uniform to school (no multi-coloured items), as we would like to resonate a sense of pride with the children who belong to KPNS. Our Uniform Shop is situated on the Beaulieu College Campus in Maple Road, Beaulieu, directly next to the tennis courts.  Uniform details will be supplied on enrolment. IMG 5034 - Copy


A set snack time offers children a healthy food option, providing children with the opportunity to set the table, pour beverages, serve others and clean their spaces.  It allows children to experiment with different tastes and textures outside of the home situation. 

A snack is served at 09h30 and consists of a brown bread sandwich, seasonal fruit, and water.  We alternate between the different spreads, and occasionally snack treats are given such as popcorn, juice, ice lollies, hot chocolate or toasted cheese.  Please note, as per Fee Structure, that there is a termly snack levy of R280.

Extra Cost Activities  

 A timetable of Extra Cost Activities may be downloaded here.  The timetable details all the activities on offer at our school.  These are billed for separately by the various coaches.



Sherpa Kids is our appointed Aftercare service provider.  Children are able to attend aftercare within the familiar school environment, which commences after their normal school day until 18h00.  Details for the Aftercare is available on the website under "Aftercare".

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