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Bullying in any form, i.e. emotional, verbal, physical or by use of technology, is not tolerated at Kyalami Prep. The prevention of bullying is the responsibility of all members of the Kyalami family, including staff, parents and pupils. We strive to develop a school community which is supportive of all its members, tolerant of differences and mindful of the harm that can be caused to others by thoughtless or malicious words and actions.

Bullying is a topic covered in Life Orientation lessons at all levels.

  • What constitutes bullying?

Hurtful (physical, emotional) behaviour against another person when another person or individual or group of people reportedly and intentionally cause hurt to another individual or group.

  • Procedures for Challenging bullying

Staff members are to be made aware of incidents by observation, or by being informed by pupils or parents.
Information is then to be gathered from all parties concerned.
Bullying reports are then to be filled in by a deputy and a copy given to the staff members involved in the resolution of the situation.

These reports may include:
A hurtful behaviour report (confidentiality is taken into account)
A behaviour warning

Both parties to be given skills to correct the behaviour or situation. They are encouraged to: talk, listen & compromise

The Situation is then to be monitored continuously and the deputy involved is to follow up during the course of the year.

If behaviour has not improved, the parents concerned will be informed.

If behaviour has still not improved, a disciplinary hearing will be held.