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Grade 6 assembly production - Women's Day

It is the Women's Day on the ninth of August.

Why may you ask, do women get a special day? Listen carefully and I am sure you too, will agree with us in saying that women DESERVE to have a special day set aside for them and only them!

The womanly body, in general, stores fat longer than the manly body. Interestingly, this gives women an advantage in starvation situations. The 'Magivers' of the modern day!

Women's brains, in general, are much more active than men's, MAYBE THAT IS WHY WE MULTI-TASK SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVELY

Women have more activity in the hippocampus than men. This is the area of the brain that stores memories – women NEVER forget!

Women are never afraid to stop and ask for directions.
Men have been shown to excel in what is called "Visio-spatial processing"–getting out of the woods based on instinct. MAYBE THIS IS WHY MEN REFUSE TO STOP AND ASK FOR DIRECTIONS.

Girls' friendships focus on making connections -- talk is essential to this process. Sharing secrets, relating experiences, revealing problems and discussing options are essential during girls' development. Boys .... not so much!
Picture this..... It's the middle of the day during a long drive. He's sitting at the wheel, cruising along. She's sitting in the passenger seat, reading, glancing up now and then at the passing scenery. SUDDENLY, she turns to him and cries, "Talk to me!" She's not stir crazy; he's not ignoring her. They're just living the classic divide in communication between men and women. She's more discussion-oriented; he's all action.

Until recently, leadership positions have predominantly been held by men and men were therefore stereotyped to be more effective leaders. Nowadays, women earn more equity points for companies than men do.

Most often men start a conversation and ...... women finish it.

Women look great in hats whereas men look like ring masters in a circus show.

If you tell a woman you purchased a new car she will immediately ask you:

"What's the colour of the car?"

Tell the same thing to a man and he will ask you ... "What sort it is?"

Seek an explanation from a man on any topic under the sky and he will do that, at the most, in a sentence. And now ask a woman -"What's the capital of your country?" You will get the reply in paragraphs.

If you are lost in a street and ask a woman to guide you somewhere, she will give you directions via shops. And if you ask a man, he will give you directions via pubs.

When in a group, most of the men's conversation, in general, revolves around news, events, politics, sports, jazzy cars and latest gadgets.
Surprisingly, all the women's conversation revolves around the foods they never prepare, the pets they never possess,
the jewellery they never own, the clothes they never wear, the books they never read and finally the TV shows they unnecessarily watch.

Men use their cell phones strictly for communication purposes. A woman spends the whole day with a friend; comes home and talks to the same friend, OVER the phone, for several hours.

Many women do not need an occasion to dress up. They can dress up and go to a restaurant, to a dry cleaner's shop, to throw out the litter, to get photocopies and also to water the plants in the rain. Whereas a man will dress up only for three occasions... to see his ex girl-friend; to a wedding; and to a funeral.

Men wake up looking like they did when they went to bed. Woman tend to deteriorate during the night ..... but then, who said looks are important!

A woman knows all about her children. Their dentist appointments, romances, best friend, favourite foods, special dietary requirements, secret fears, hopes and dreams. A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

So, generally speaking, men may be more muscular or stronger than most women, but again, who said that was important.

Women are nurturers, the glue that keeps families together.

After hearing all of these differences between men and women, it seems appropriate to celebrate each. First, it is the women's turn! Please treat the special women in your life well every day, but especially on the 9th of August. Celebrate Women's Day in style!