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   The drive for iPad deployment @ K.P.S.

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 With the shifts in Information & Communication Technology (ICT), we have seen the rise of two important players in the mobile computing world.

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Apple is cornering the market with its iPad technology and Google is taking giant leaps into in a variety of different ventures.
At Kyalami Preparatory School we are embracing both international giants in an attempt to stay relevant and current. Our iPads are each sitting with a wide range of educational apps and the productivity apps, including Keynote, Numbers and Pages, are creating a buzz in the classroom after years of Office domination. Google Sites has become an integral part of our website layout. Google Calendar plays a significant role in our booking of Facilitation Rooms and iPads. Let's not forget Google Search and Gmail which remains firmly entrenched in K.P.S. culture.

We have not forgotten our friends at Microsoft and our Windows network is continuously upgraded to improve reliability, security, automation and administrative control.


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Funds are used to improve education and social development in South Africa. You can make a difference to a worthy cause without costing you a cent!

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme raises more than R3 million per month for the schools, charities, animal welfare and environmental organisations it supports. Help us to help the community.

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 The K.P.S. Enviro Club

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